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Transforming Staircases with Natural Fibers: Stair Runners vs. Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Not only do stair runners and wall-to-wall staircase carpet installations make a beautiful design statement, they also protect hardwood stairs and provide a sound buffer in one of the busiest areas of your home.

Your choice of installation method can have a big impact on the overall vibe of your stairs, especially when you bring natural fiber carpets into the picture. Read on to explore the differences between installation styles and make an inspired decision for your staircase.

Stair Runners

Picture this: narrow strips of carpet running down the centre of your stairs, leaving the edges exposed. That's what stair runners are all about! They're a fantastic blend of style and practicality. Here's why you'll love them:

Wow-Worthy Visuals: Stair runners instantly amp up the style game with their texture, color, and patterns. And when you go for natural fibers like sisal, seagrass, wool, jute, or coir, you get an organic, elegant touch.

Showcasing Staircase Beauty: By keeping the edges of the steps visible, stair runners let your staircase's natural beauty shine through. Whether you have gorgeous wooden stairs or stunning stone steps, this option allows you to flaunt their architectural charm.

Personalised Perfection: Stair runners are all about customisation. You can choose the width, pattern, and colour that matches your unique taste and home decor. It's like having your very own runway for your stairs!

Wall-to-Wall Carpet Installation

Now, imagine your entire staircase swathed in one continuous piece of carpet. That's the magic of wall-to-wall carpet installation. Check out why it's a great option:

Seamless Comfort: With wall-to-wall carpet, your entire staircase gets a cozy makeover. It's like walking on clouds! The uniform carpeting creates a warm and comfortable feel throughout the entire stairway.

Peaceful Silence: Tired of noisy footsteps echoing through your home? Wall-to-wall carpet installation can be your saviour. By absorbing sound, it reduces noise levels, making it perfect for households with playful kids or rambunctious pets.

Professional Touch: Installing wall-to-wall carpet on stairs requires some serious skills. With more than 30 years’ experience in flooring solutions, our expert team will ensure a flawless finish that'll have your stairs looking absolutely stunning.

Choosing between stair runners and wall-to-wall carpet installation is all about finding the right aesthetic for your staircase and home. Stair runners bring that "wow" factor with their customisable designs and the ability to showcase your stairs' natural charm. On the other hand, wall-to-wall carpet offers a cozy, unified look with added noise reduction benefits.

Need some help considering your style preferences, the overall ambiance of your home, and the practical aspects of your staircase? We offer free style consultations to help make the best decision or your home.

Whether you go for a natural fiber stair runner or opt for wall-to-wall carpet, get ready to transform your stairs into a captivating and inviting space that perfectly matches your unique style.

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