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Jute is a vegetable fibre, mostly grown in tropical countries like India and Bangladesh.  It's easy to produce, tough and durable. Jute rugs have a rustic, casual style and it's warm, natural colours and soft feel make it perfect for bedrooms and living areas.

Grassy Jute

Our Grassy has chunky, textured weaves and is oh so chic, adding instant style to your room. Perfect for lounge rooms and high-traffic areas such as hallways. 


- Composition: 100% jute 

- Ribbed style of weave

- 2 cm size of each knot

- 1 cm thickness

- 2 cm thickness with underlay

Heidi Jute

Similar to our Grassy, Heidi has a lovely, textured look and the Panama-style-weave adds another layer of 'oh so chic' style to this material. 


- Composition: 100% jute

- Panama style of weave

- 1.5 cm size of each knot

- 2 cm thickness with underlay

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