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Fabric Protection

You can rest-easy, knowing that your beautiful natural fibre material is protected from stains and spills.

DECORGARD is a clear liquid that has a mild, pleasant odour, the solvent blend is NON-TOXIC and does not contain any PFOS or PFOA.

DECORGARD repels oil and water based stains and general soiling, and is effective on natural fibres. Once applied, it is a fast drying product and does not change the "feel" or appearance of the material.

DECORGARD is Woolsafe and CleanSeal accredited. These certify that DECORGARD meets the highest standards for performance and safety set out by Woolsafe and CleanSeal, giving you peace of mind that they’re safe for use on your natural fibre rug.

Make sure to specify if you would like pricing for DECORGARD included in your qoute.

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