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In keeping with our values of working with ethical suppliers, we're proud to say that one of our main suppliers is GoodWeave certified.

The GoodWeave label is your assurance that; no child labour, no bonded labour, no forced labour was used in the making of the certified product. 


When you choose the GoodWeave label, your purchasing decision supports programs that educate children, provide critical services, and transform communities.

Environment Best Practice

One of our values is to work with suppliers that have sustainable and ecological processes. We're proud to say that our underlay material is made from 100% recycled textile and is fully recyclable at the end of it's lifecycle.

Our underlay is extremely durable and is made with ultra-low CO2 emissions.


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Supporting sustainable industries

Our rugs are made with natural materials and sustainable processes, designed to counteract today’s throw away culture and stand the test of time.

We use Eco-friendly durable materials that support sustainable village industries throughout India and China.

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