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Our Story


Natural Floors Australia is a small family business based in Adelaide. We’ve been producing natural fiber flooring solutions for over 30 years.

As experts in our field, we are highly experienced in wall-to-wall installations of our natural fiber flooring. We use sustainable fibers like Jute, Seagrass, Sisal, Coir and Wool. Our beautiful weaves vary in style from rustic to more contemporary, and can suit all types of homes.

The majority of our customers hear about us through word of mouth and loyally return to buy our products again and again.

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Natural Rugs Australia

Responding to an increased demand for natural fiber rugs, we launched Natural Rugs Australia in May 2021. This (not so) little off-shoot of Natural Floors, hand assembles natural fibre rugs in standard and custom sizes and delivers them Australia wide. Shipping is free.

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Suppliers and production method

We ensure our fibers are sourced from suppliers that have the same values as us in sustainable, ecological processes and ethical work culture. Our suppliers are based in India (GoodWeave certified) and China.

Once the natural fibres have been sourced, they go through a process of spinning, weaving, washing and finishing, producing naturally beautiful weaves each time.

Our suppliers then deliver the large reams of natural fibre material to us so we can assemble it into flooring material.

Expert Craftmanship

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In this busy modern age, objects crafted by the human hand are special and unique.

From the large reams of material, our team cut it to shape and apply the finishing touches, before installing it wall-to-wall in your home.

Decades of expert craftmanship means our team install the flooring efficiently and smoothly, even in complex rooms with fireplaces, walk-in-robes and staircases. 

Installation process 


From enquiry to installation, there are a number of steps that take place.


Firstly, to get an idea of what flooring would suit  your space, we recommend ordering samples.

If you're not sure what material would suit best, we recommend scheduling a style consult with our team. 


Then, to  give you a rough idea of cost, we can provide a price estimate over the phone based on your room measurements.

Secondly, once you've decided on your flooring material, book a free measure and quote. Our team will pop out to your house to do the measure and provide a quote. 

If proceeding ahead with the installation, a $1,000 deposit is required. 

Installation day:

* The room we're installing in needs to be clean and clear of furniture. Alternatively, with prior notice, we can move the furniture for you for $200 an hour and $250 for every hour afterwards. 

* If you've got old carpet that needs to be removed first, we can organise that for you and dispose of it for an additional cost.

* When installing your material, we start by installing the smooth edge , then the luxury underlay, then your chosen natural fiber flooring, finishing off with a vacuum of the area and providing you with a complimentary cleaning kit.


For more information on care and maintenance and the complimentary cleaning kit, see here

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