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Not only is Seagrass our most cost-effective material, it’s also waterproof, stain resistant AND stylishly textural (watch our video to see how easy it is to clean our seagrass material.) So, it makes sense that customers are choosing seagrass for their businesses.

After previously having Natural Floors in his house, Jake, the owner of Goodslice Pizza Natural, chose to have a Bahama seagrass runner installed in his restaurant.

Jake, owner of Goodslice Pizza Natural

“This runner gets trashed. Sandy, wet, beach goers walk on this everyday. It’s sin-proof really”.

Jake chose Bahama seagrass for its stylish weave and its hard-wearing nature. Jake’s had the rug for about a year “The weave hasn’t flattened at all”.

Goodslice Pizza Natural is a top-notch restaurant in Adelaide, serving up high-quality pizzas with a focus on organic, natural and local ingredients. Yummmmo!

Josephine from One Rundle Trading designed the interiors for the newly opened Davaar House of Wellness. She chose our Herringbone seagrass material for the magnificent main staircase. “I selected seagrass for its natural texture and hard-wearing appeal”.

Josephine wanted to introduce seagrass into the 19th century building and was determined it wouldn’t look out of place. “Seagrass has tremendous classic appeal for contemporary spaces”. Ensuring visual consistency, Josephine chose French oakbank parkatry and Herringbone seagrass, which work fabulously together.

Davaar House of Wellness is housed in Adelaide’s historic Davaar House, which has been lovingly restored. It is now a place where people can come to take care of their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

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