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Mish and Kirk: A Stylish Retreat Featuring our Aspen Wool and Jute Flooring

Known for their breathtaking captures from remote mountains to starlit skies, we were thrilled when Adelaide-based duo, Mish and Kirk—home, lifestyle, fashion, and travel vloggers—chose to celebrate the simple pleasures of a cozy, well-designed living space with our Aspen Wool and Jute flooring.

Aspen’s exclusivity and ethical craftsmanship, certified by GoodWeave International, underscores our commitment to quality and sustainability. Every corner tells a story of style and comfort, inviting you to draw inspiration for your own space.

Recognising the need for both durability and softness, Mish and Kirk found our Aspen flooring to be the perfect choice for their family room and child's bedroom. The material’s ease of maintenance and unmatched value, coupled with its universal aesthetic appeal, make it ideal for spaces frequented by family and guests.

If Aspen isn’t quite the right fit for your needs, you can discover our full range of wool flooring options here.

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