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Natural Flooring Solutions vs Traditional Carpets


Known for their beautiful design aesthetic, colour, texture and durability, our natural flooring solutions are infinitely versatile and suitable for any style of décor.


Perfect for creating rustic, coastal, or modern looks, one of the main benefits of Natural Floors is their durability. Natural fibres are stronger than many synthetic fibres and can withstand heavy foot traffic and wear and tear over time. Natural fibres are also resistant to compacting and crushing and are incredibly comfortable to walk on.


Natural Floors Managing Director Cat Morgan is particularly passionate about ensuring the range’s sustainability.


“The materials in our range are biodegradable and renewable, making them a sustainable choice for flooring,” says Cat.


“In contrast, synthetic carpets are made from petroleum-based materials that take a long time to break down and contribute to environmental pollution.”


Natural flooring also has many health benefits; it’s hypoallergenic and promotes better indoor air quality as well as naturally repelling dirt and mould. Wool in particular is a natural air purifier and regulates humidity levels, making it a great choice for those with allergies or respiratory issues.


Synthetic carpets on the other hand can trap dust, pet hair, and other allergens, causing respiratory problems and exacerbating allergies. Worryingly, research shows synthetic fibres will release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are gasses emitted from the fibres. Inhaling VOCs can potentially cause respiratory problems. On the other hand natural fibres do not release the toxic VOCs.


Natural Floors Director Chris Wansley talks about the core values embedded in the Natural Floors purpose.


"It is so important for our range to reflect our organisational values of ethical sourcing, taking into account environmental best practice,” says Chris.


“Our rugs are made with natural materials and using sustainable processes that are designed to counteract today’s throw away culture.”


“We want our product to not only look good, but to also make the world a better place."


Choosing natural flooring solutions creates a beautiful and healthy home that also promotes sustainability and responsible design.

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