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Adelaide | Community | Natural fibres | Nov, 2023

Natural Floors: A fixture in the Adelaide community since 1988


In the small, near-city suburb of Stepney, resides Natural Floors. A family owned business producing natural fibre flooring for wall-to-wall installations.  A fixture in the Adelaide community since 1988, the majority of our business came from word of mouth, and it continues to do so.


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In this busy modern age, objects crafted by the human hand are special and unique. Each installation is given the care, precision and attention to detail to help it stand the test of time.


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Using sustainable fibres like Jute, Seagrass, Sisal, Coir and Wool, we cut and hand-assemble the material, ready for installation. Our team of locally employed installers are experts in their field. As opposed to working with external sub-contractors, our layers that complete the job are members of our core team.   They’re trained from scratch by us to work only with our complex woven natural fibres.


“There is a real artistry to their work.” says Natural Floors Director, Chris Wansley proudly.


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Due to the highly durable nature of natural fibres, a wall-to-wall installation is a long-term investment. As Natural Floors is one of the only providers and installers of natural fibre flooring in SA, we see many repeat customers. 


“We’ve had customers we installed for 10+ years ago, who are coming back for more”. says Chris.

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There’s a real sense of community with Natural Floors customers. We see a lot of installations within families and friendship groups i.e. “You did my sister’s house” or “You installed in my house, and now I’d like my beach house done” etc. “Seeing this word of mouth playout is definitely a rewarding feeling”, says Chris.  


We also service SA regionally, and have done installations from the Eyre peninsula, to the Flinders Ranges, to Kangaroo Island and the Limestone coast. “Our natural fibres suit a wide variety of styles, from rustic farmhouses in the country, to contemporary apartments in the city. It’s seamless really” Chris says. 

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With a passion for human rights, it's important for Natural Rugs Managing Director Cat Morgan to ensure our fibres are sourced from suppliers that have the same values as us. “What’s really important is that we align on sustainable and ecological processes and ethical work culture.”  


“Our use of Eco-friendly durable materials is designed to counteract today’s throw away culture and stand the test of time.”

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Cat and Chris value nurturing relationships with their suppliers “It’s rewarding, knowing we’re still working with the same suppliers my father did” Cat says. We work with a GoodWeave licensed supplier in India and a supplier in China. 


“I’m really proud of the high-quality work we do and the lovely, long-term relationships we’ve developed along the way”. Cat says.


“Our Adelaide clientele have shown such loyalty and we really value them for that” 

Cat and Chris visiting their GoodWeave licensed supplier in India in 2022

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